Where will we go afterwards?

The Brazilian army got ready for the attack.

He was checking a ticket.

She worked at the cost of her health.

While working, she had an accident.

I've asked you not to do that.

Why are you denying it?

You're embarrassing them.

Have you ever basked in the sun of the Sahara desert?


It's too hard.

The door is heavy. You need to use a lot of force to open it.

She had been missing for a couple of weeks.

You don't need to be in such a hurry.

We know health care is expensive.

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I noticed that she sat in the front row.


Wriggle your toes.

The travelers came from many lands.

I'm the one who caught her.


Jane was a stewardess when she was young.

In the first place, why do the birds migrate at all?

You beat her.

Could you please put that somewhere else?

The children sat around the campfire and listened to Neil tell ghost stories.


Shuvra is chewing bubble gum.

He steeled himself against possible failure.

He's a specialist in economics.

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Yesterday's board meeting was a big success.

The small country is making great efforts to keep up with other developing countries.

Old is brain damaged.

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Philosophers tend to have little contact with the outside world.

You haven't changed.

The meeting lasted thirty minutes.

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Rolfe told John to get his shotgun.

He had limited skills in politics.

Ask for her.

He was absorbed in reading.

Please share my umbrella.

Dorothy is in a tough spot.

You may have been the last person to see Nadeem.

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Words cannot describe the beauty.

Congratulations on your diploma.

I think I won't do that.

How can I trust him?

They are wasting time.

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I wish I could be as happy as you.


Let me show you a better way to do that.

I'm arriving at the station around one thirty-five.

I was very upset by the disruption in my normal morning routine.

Clear up your desk a bit.

We also think that he's a bastard.


get ready for school

Just tell her to hurry up.

It's in the basement.

When using this information, I will of course follow your requirements.

The and his wife live in Boston.

I can't remember what Vicky looks like.

Spring is the time to plant trees.


This book is green.


Are all of them your friends?


Darren still has work to do.

I don't want to sleep on the couch again tonight.

I'll never forgive you.


I'm not used to this heat.


We agreed to elaborate a strategy.

Don't be taken in by her crocodile tears.

Making friends with people from other countries is interesting.

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I'm not always right.

She has an eye for the beautiful.

His ideas carry a lot of weight.


I heard you got fired.

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Hunter felt like a new man.

I'm getting thirsty.

We all have to contribute.


Love gave him the strength of a lion.

Herbert's blinds are closed.

Ricardo was very low key about the whole thing.


You're magnificent.

I'd like to think I'm a good father.

Jean-Pierre encouraged me to apply to Harvard.

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Kimmo is a tricky little devil.

That would make it impossible for him to save face.

She said she was walking through the woods, looking for wild flowers.

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Do you really have a boyfriend?

My schedule is a little tight.

I'm glad you asked me to come.

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There are few, if any, mistakes.

Do it in haste but with care.

Is Meeks telling the truth?


He can speak French and German, not to mention English.

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The first thing you must learn is to stand on your own ideas.

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Can you tell me why Gregor is doing that?

The monkey fell from the tree.

Howison in his "Sketches of Upper Canada" relates that on one moonlit Christmas Eve he saw an Indian creeping cautiously through the woods.


Dory lives here alone.

Naresh has traveled around the world.

She seems to have seen the very accident.

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At the beginning you had disliked the idea, but now you seem to be content.

The TV won't turn on.

While I sing, I'm walking.

Carol wants to have nothing further to do with you.

She's pregnant.


He must be a quack doctor.

What color are those?

We knew Elliot wouldn't be late.

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On the contrary, Zamenhof always advised testing the new forms through usage.

Actually, it's my job.

What is our weather?


I'm 1.9 meters tall.

Hey, place the toolbox in the truck!

A majority of students dislike history.

Just one moment, please.

The records of our company show a large profit for the year.

Did you see the news?

I'm the one that pays all the bills.

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Be sure to take medicine three times a day.

The teacher had to evaluate all the students.

"We're just friends," said Nancy.

Shouldn't you be helping Panacea?

You've probably heard of us.


Social customs vary greatly from country to country.

Who can one trust ?

At the car wash next to the shopping mall.


She seldom goes out.

When I opened the door, I broke the lock.

There was a strong wind on that day.

Elizabeth and Franklin talked all afternoon.

Why were you looking for her?

I don't think it's up to you to decide.

The operation had to be kept secret.

Why didn't you guys tell me?

That's the person I told you about yesterday.

Do the people of your country eat rice?

He didn't see anybody.

That's not my baseball bat.

Tell her that I am proud of her.

When he was about to pass, the Sphinx jumped in front of him.

Do you want to meet them?

It's surprising to know that your school starts at 8:30 and ends at 3:30.

I'm doubling my prices.


The steam ship has gone out of sight.


I am going to swim in the pool.

We don't even know when Amedeo was born.

I love music.


Tell me why you want to go there.

His mother made him clean the bathroom.

Take care of it.

You pay for the convenience of living near a station.

I only wanted to protect you.


There's a difference.

He has a weight complex.

I can't remember the last time I ate with my family.

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Help! I'm drowning!

Just you try!

In this area, seventy percent of the plants are pollinated by bees.

The amount of Sony rechargeable batteries supposed to be collected totalled 7,659,000 units.

Rabin said that she was fine.

Who asked us to come?

Masked men held up the passengers and robbed them of their money.