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I fell down the stairs in my haste.

Leave the books as they are.

Pratapwant commutes by train.

Ole used up all his money.

What must you do?


Stevan is the only one in our family who has ever studied French.


Spy is cooking.

He will be back in ten minutes.

That's just an excuse.


Italy's beaches are crowded in the summer.

I want to make my father proud.

The boy whom I met yesterday is Tony.

My boss would not let me leave work early.

He speaks French, not to speak of English.

Do you want some scrambled eggs?

The father and the son are very similar to each other.


I know French.

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What've you lost?

Israel should technically be wearing safety goggles.

He's writing his diary.


We need to eat in order to live.

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She has a kind heart.

Alberto finished his coffee and went off to work.

I am ashamed to use the language they talk.

Sergei walked through the village.

I'm stuck here in Boston.

I've been locked in way worse places than this.

I think you've made the wrong decision.


The police roped off the street near the spot.

You can pour the liquid by using a funnel.

If only I were younger.

It's too smoky here for me.

He encountered a friend on the road.

That never even crossed my mind.

I didn't know where to go.

He came in and immediately sat down.

To the best of my knowledge, she hasn't left yet.

I still believe this is the best choice.

She was anxious about her children's health.

Spencer will come for sure.

Solar energy does not threaten the environment.

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I thought Rebecca might be waiting for us in front of the station.

I have a collection of documentaries.

A moon rocket will be launched tonight.

You don't understand anything about it.

Hurry in for supper.

I'm glad you didn't call her.

He earns not less than 1,000 dollars a week.

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They live in constant dread of floods.

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She's too picky.

It's a really old book.

She came around to my house.

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There are many others.

Some friends can't be replaced.

Stop the car.

Do you think he'd go out with me?

Father keeps a diary every day.

Please do not try this at home.

All you have to do is push this red button.

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Merril wanted to help Charley pick up chestnuts.

He stood firm in the face of danger.

Shuvra regretted having wasted so much time.

If you are to do well in school, you must study hard.

He is, more or less, my size.

God made the world round so we would never be able to see too far down the road.

If you were in my shoes, what would you think?


If you think that's necessary, you should do it.


This can't be what I think it is.

Can we talk inside?

You look really nice tonight.

When I'm sad, my friends encourage me.

That would be how I would solve this kind of problem.


If I were to tell him the truth, he would be angry.

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Everybody knows everybody.

I wanted you to feel at home.

TV has taken the place of radio.

This isn't funny anymore.

There are many kinds of insurance such as: health insurance, fire insurance, life insurance, etc.


You didn't need to come.

Niall deserved everything he got.

We'll discuss this problem later.

Well, that's that.

I don't think we were seen.


Can I do that?

Mind your mouth.

Ramneek used to play baseball.

It wasn't easy to solve this problem.

Doesn't it smell like bacon?

We are high school students.

Do you have any advice for me?

I was an idiot to believe Antony.

What do Sjouke's parents do?


He doesn't play video games.


The rumors were false.

I'm going to see them today.

Smoke poured out of the chimney.

This place has a mysterious atmosphere to it.

You should enrich your mind when young.

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Charlie just ate one sandwich.

I was astonished.

I was about to ask you the same thing.

Their screams filled the air.

I'm taking this seriously.

I use the internet in the bathroom.

I'd like to buy some earplugs.

Have you chosen what to do next Sunday yet?

I love how green everything gets down there in spring.

She is always laughing.

Native speakers sometimes make mistakes, but not usually the same kind of mistakes that non-native speakers make.

I asked whether the flowers were blooming.

Why doesn't Kevin ever work late?

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He is eager to meet her again.


They're not kidding.

Edith never cared much for me.

I don't have the nerve to watch it.

I think we'd better sing that English song!

Everyone else hates us.


His happy life went on in a small village.

I know that he was busy.

Once in a while I study Esperanto.

Do you think I'm lying?

They went out for dinner at an upscale restaurant.

I'd think that the last thing you'd want to do right now is talk to Jin.

Adrastea is one of the 39 satellites of Jupiter and is the second closest to Jupiter itself.

I know what it's like to be the new guy.

Case is huge.

You know now what you wanted to, don't you?

You must realize that prosperity does not last forever.

Lindsey and Juan are almost done.

I own some very old stamps.

Do you know where she was born?

All people shall have the right to maintain the minimum standards of wholesome and cultured living.

Turn on your back.

The women are in front of big rocks.

The Representative said he will put a brake on spending.

He tried to open the window.

You said you needed me to sign something.

A war exploded between the two countries.

So where does he live?

If you start to go blind, just give a shout.


The company faced a major interruption in business when a fire destroyed their archive of computer hard drives and optical discs.

It was too much for Bernard.

There's something I need to talk to you about.

A true friend would have acted differently.

There's no happiness among things. It's in people's hearts who see and use those things.


Let's stay married.

Gordon will go to school. Do you know that?

The nose knows.

Their articles are exceptional, even considering that they have already been very successful.

I saw you yesterday at the funeral.

The store sells fruit and vegetables.

Is this fake?


Don't even talk to them.


I had never seen a panda till that time.

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He barely escaped being hit and killed by a car.

In the twinkling of an eyelid, the Cat leaped on the blackbird, and ate him, feathers and all.

The blueberry pie was delicious; there was none left at the end of the evening.


I've got things under control now.

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You are not an idiot!

I'll come home at ten.

I really wish I didn't have to go to that meeting this afternoon.

Shyam has a tramp stamp.

I will start working on July the first.

He crossed the sports ground.

He applied for the scholarship.


I want to eat either ice cream or shaved ice.