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You're shallow and materialistic.

What's the fastest way to get to the post office from here?

In married life three is company and two none.

That's not unusual.

Sanjib wanted Yvonne to leave him alone.

You're even prettier than Elisabeth said you were.

We're glad you're all right.


I grew up in Boston.

Jayesh moved away from the ledge.

Pleased, he smiled.

She gave me an incongruent answer.

In our factory, goods are produced.

You'll look into it for us, won't you?

I don't have any time to watch TV.

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The office is full of competent people.


Toki Pona is a simple communication system.

Old must've seen it.

Thomas won't leave until he's talked to Son.


Lyusya adores social-realistic novels. They're very optimistic.

We came upon them in New York.

Betty speaks Esperanto really well.

I am no more interested in physics than you are.

Don't go out in this heat without covering your head.

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Tait removed his disguise.

That still doesn't answer my question.

Please change my room?

Since you're going to Niall's house anyway, could you give this to Lenora?

High tariffs have become a barrier to international trade.

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When was the last time you did something for the first time? Think about it.


The National Center for Education Information says a predicted teacher shortage won't pan out because teachers who left the profession are returning.


Would you mind if I sit with you?

Ti wants to keep Connie on his good side.

Was it by accident or by design?

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This tie matches your suit.

I expected him to come.

Byron found the place he was looking for.

I've decided to go there.

Your body is saying yes.

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No matter how cold it was, he never wore an overcoat.


Lars asked Caleb if she would take his picture.

I think that you and Dan could make a cute couple.

Watanabe is my family name.

My aunt is my father's sister.

Why are you complaining?

She gave a bone to the dog.

My name is Ross and I'll be your server tonight.


The judge concluded that the prisoner was innocent.

I'm not the one hurting her.

I've never seen you wear a hat.


Vegetarian food is good for your health.

Roberta wasn't asleep.

Let's find out what Meehan expects us to do.


When the jet flew over the building the windowpanes rattled.

The perihelion is the point where an object in orbit around the Sun is nearest to the Sun.

Hughes and Barbara have been an item for a few weeks now.

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Bruno didn't really feel like going camping with John and Rodger.


She has shown her room to me.


Let me think about that.

My mom brought home the weirdest-shaped squash today.

I think we'll need more food.

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Space never would've hurt you.

The teacher treated all the students fairly.

You can give Geoffrey mine.


I wrote where I was working.


Lloyd saw her.


Nicholas Biddle began to see that the battle was lost.


You are a wife to your husband.


Please book a room for her.

Perhaps the only true dignity of man is his capacity to despise himself.

They could reach there without delay.

Diane's question to Floyd in German spurred him on to provide an extensive answer in German. He managed to do this very well, which everyone was happy about.

You can't keep Luis from doing whatever he wants to do.

Tyler was playing for time.

Florian had bigger things on his mind.


I never had any reason to offend Donovan.

They presented Harold with a gold watch.

He is little, if at all, inferior to you.

I want to make a person-to person call to 212-836-1725.

The boy grabbed his sister by the legs and dragged her all over the room until she admitted defeat.

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I cry every time I watch that film.

She poisoned her husband.

Allan has two girlfriends who don't know about each other.

He is impatient.

Maureen is very resourceful.


Call 1-800-828-6322 for a free brochure.


Do not say anything, please, about your consul.

How can we buy British goods?

Valentin is getting serious.

Has it started snowing yet?

If it looks like a war, if it sounds like a war and if it kills like a war, then it actually is a war.

I am not interested in taking part in a survey: neither now nor in the future.

It was pretty easy.

There are wavelengths of light that the human eye cannot perceive.

There are a lot of things I have to do before tomorrow.

Melinda picked up his fork and began to eat.

I don't know anything, so I can't tell you anything.


She's one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen.

You don't know them.

We're working on the arrangements.

I really don't understand why.

How many eggs does a fly lay?

She got into the room with hushed steps.

Friendship is a matter of trust.

We didn't like them.

We had to call off the game because of rain.

Micah is learning how to play the guitar.

The story concluded abruptly.


What are you reading now?


She would make a perfect wife.


I know exactly how to do it.

I am your only ticket out of here.

Cyrus has signed a new contract.

Our world is only a tiny part of the universe.

You cannot buy happiness.

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Is that what you really intended to say?


The union is pressing for a ten-percent pay hike.

Looks can be very deceiving.

You're not starting to believe this stuff, are you?

Roger clocked out at 2:30.

He neglects his studies.

There's mold on the bread. This means that we can't eat it anymore.

What you are thinking about moving doesn't need to be moved.

I suffer from asthma.

In former days people walked from Edo to Kyoto.


He was a pretty good friend of mine.

Presley really does hate dogs.

I'm not sure I can do it.


My wife Lidia is a beautiful, clever woman.

When will you harvest your wheat?

Is that really it?

We have no information about what's going to happen.

She lives within a stone's throw of the school.

Ask him to help you.

All conversation involves the encoding and decoding of information.

She is respected by her friends.

There were points in her testimony that didn't add up.

Takayuki has three cows.

In the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.


When talking about his hobby, he always puts on a serious expression.

I pricked up my ears.

We waited there all night.

Peter doesn't want to go to Nepal with me.

If an aircraft carrier is directly hit by a tactical nuclear weapon, it would be pulverized.

Kay has been a teacher for thirty years.

I saw Celeste hitting Geoff.


Tiefenthal trimmed the stems of the flowers Lynnette gave her so they'd fit into the vase.

Ernie came home disappointed.

Don't underestimate them.

We can't really throw it away!

He begged me to go with him.


Polly knows that Kathy is a recovering alcoholic.

The diamond in this ring is polished.

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

They were trampled by the crowd.

My friends scolded me for my stupid behavior.

Let's just go inside.

All arts' aim is no other than entertainment.


I have a skin eruption.

Kenneth has seniority.

You're going to be proud of me.