He's getting used to that situation.

I already spoke to them.


Nils was 13 at the time.

Without your assistance I would have failed.

Some animals change gender.

Where are you guys heading now?

No one has seen him.

You know Shutoku pretty well, don't you?

I don't like the idea of leaving you at home by yourself.

They caught me with my pants down.

I went to Canada when I was a child.

Many people left.

I had to get up early.

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We can only abuse of things that are good.

She takes great pride in her stamp collection.

Blair took a can of beer from the fridge.

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I've been getting to know him.

I didn't recognize King at first.

It is no wonder that he failed.

My father wouldn't allow me to see my friends.

She is making use of you.

Why are we wasting our time?

The factory was his, but was bought by a group of Germans.

Nail polish is useless: no one looks at nails anyway.

For Calvin, God has already decided our fate.

He came through the accident without harm.

I can't do any more than that.

Who got shot?

They didn't find it.

The two buses resemble each other at first glance.

Was that Teri who was playing the organ at church last Sunday?

Earnie couldn't understand what Darren meant.

I didn't think Lars would help us.


That's a very intriguing idea.

Life imitates art more often than the other way around.

The thieves pulled open all the drawers of the desk in search of money.

Nobody else bothered us.

The party has been put off until next Tuesday.


I can't stay home today.


A young girl is chased by an old man.

I'm sure he can give you a good game of tennis.

I knew why Saqib was there.


On the moon I would weigh only fifteen kilos.

I don't want to ask you anything.

Phillip said you were cool.

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Skef thought it was rude to talk to Kolkka the way John did.


I must go through the task by tomorrow.

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Science is the way to prepare for the 21st century.

Turkeer wouldn't do that to me.

He has a natural bent for music.

Kinch, I think you should eat more.

You can ask Sedovic yourself.

Malibu is on the coast of Southern California.

She obviously thought she was a good woman, but...

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Thomas went home as soon as the concert was over.

His intelligence is widely recognized.

I'm not a bachelor anymore.


I'm going to have a siesta.

When man and woman unite, work is no longer as tiring.

Granville and Morris were in the garden.

She will pay for this.

How much did you bet them?

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He was at pains to finish his work.

"I don't know", said Tony.

He was so tired that he fell right to sleep.

She may be in very serious danger.

You don't accept gifts.

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I remember the day I met Clay.

He must have entered this room.

The influence of the Arabic language is quite evident in the Spanish language.

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Rafael injured his foot playing soccer.

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I speak English, a little Italian and Spanish.


Marsh will never give up.


The party started for New York.


I didn't call you stupid.

Intensive communication between teacher and student is the key to effective teaching.

The policemen arrested the burglar.

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Free yourself of sadness, misery and fear!


You are taller than me.

The Bangladeshi community tried to stop the movie shooting.

I'm having a little get-together tomorrow at my place. Would you like to come?

Raising taxes may not be such a good idea at this time.

Where could she be?

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I did nothing unlawful.

Roy and I already know each other.

His health has become weak.

Denis didn't take Carlos seriously.

I am sure you will take an active role in your new position.

Isn't that against the rules?

This isn't the time for stupid jokes.

The children ran down the hill.

The call center has a high turnover.

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I'll see what happens.

The only flavor of ice cream that Dory eats is vanilla.

Why would anyone go to all this trouble?


Open fire!

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They came back.

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John writes a letter to his parents once a month.

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Jim kicked the ball very hard.

Nguyen is a nerd.

The story has in it something of the element of tragedy.

I have some questions for them.

That's why we are here.


Wow! It's been a long time.

There's a cold wind from the north.

It took a load off my mind when our team won the championship.

I'm sorry for not being more supportive when you needed me to be.

Sehyo didn't know Jorge spoke French so fluently.


Teresa didn't know where the fire extinguisher was.

We need to talk to each other more often.

You should never have let Subra do that.

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My mistake cost me my fortune.

Sixty delegates were elected.

Pay honor to the brave.

Who would refuse such an offer?

Brave people feel fear, but that doesn't stop them.

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As a hobby, I like to travel places I have never been to before both inside and outside of the country.

If Ben didn't do it, then who did?

His job has brought him in contact with some foreigners.

We're supposed to meet Page in thirty minutes.

Your team is better than ours.

We can't really throw it away!

Saqib saw Myron yesterday.

I'm not sure I have enough time to help you.

Not only are we all in the same boat, but we are all seasick.

They're in separate rooms.

I've decided not to study French anymore.

He served as a United States senator.

That can't be good for your health, can it?

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Lowell helped her mother water the garden with her tiny watering can.


The two brothers have died.

I'm not angry with them.

My father suggested that we go camping.

That's very inconsiderate.

Try to raise this topic when you speak to her!

We caught a glimpse of the castle from the window of our train.

"Are the drinks free?" "Only for the ladies."

My name is William, but you can call me Bill.

This is a horseshoe magnet.


She said that her mother was a drug addict.

I can take Ravindranath.

I'll finish the book in four days.


His death made everyone sad.

I disagree with it.

Remind me to never do that again.

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Do you enjoy comedy TV shows?

Is it true that illegal immigrants are taking jobs away from citizens who want them?

The teacher said, "That's all for today."

Thanks so much for all your help.

Pamela isn't sophisticated.


Are you coming on Skype or do you prefer to translate sentences on Tatoeba?


I was carried away by the music.

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I hope nothing happened to her.

We arrived at a compromise.

I got a takeout salad for lunch.


He looked about.


Go choke!

I can't wait to spend the night with her.

Suzan visited us this past weekend.