What brought you to Korea?

Josh is shy around strangers.

I have three alarm clocks so as not to oversleep.

Dorothy is a charismatic performer, and really knows how to captivate her audience.

I shouldn't drink.

I'll say no more.

Every year we receive greeting cards painted by mouth.

Do you know why they stopped talking?

We've been sitting here for almost an hour.

The question is what does it mean.


When will a new video be out?

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I've been apprised of all the facts, Guy.


She came back just as I was leaving.


Marnix is vivacious.


I will speak to you tomorrow.

The Steve Miller Band released a new album in June of 2010.

Joe's car was totaled.

Holly plans to return to Boston by bus.

Youth is wasted on the young.

Japan caught up with the United States in this field.

Did you tell Taurus about this?

The only important things in life are love and work.

Jim closed his briefcase.

He lives immediately next to us.

Did he sleep well?

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I don't know when I will die.

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I asked Fletcher what he was listening to and he surprised me by saying that he was listening to classical music.


It was probably a mistake.

We were unable to follow his logic.

I may have to call you later.

I rushed Cary to the hospital.

I don't trust him.

He painted the door green all over.

Native Americans are the indigenous peoples of the United States.

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This is the boy I think about.

He was only shamming.

Shai is kind of tired. He wants to go home.


Do you ever talk to Anne?

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I think I'd rather be fishing.


I'll go look for her.

I didn't go to the park because it rained.

What's Sridharan going to wear to the party?


Instead of waiting for Anatoly, let's eat now before the food gets cold.

I'm studying Farsi.

I no longer want that.

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You need to work faster.

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My cat likes to roam at night.

Nobody listened to me.

I'm so glad that you asked me to give the opening speech tonight.


Audrey came into the house, carrying his skateboard.


Take a look at it if you don't believe me!

The Anglo-Saxons will not just take your land. They will also take you as a slave, then, when you die, they're going to store your bones in a museum and describe you as a savage in their history books. They are also going to make a couple of movies to show how ugly you were and how brave their heroes were.

I have nothing to add here.

He is diligent in his study.

He made bold to speak to the King.

I don't know what you heard about Pete.

Can you fix a flat tire on a bike? That kind of thing's a piece of cake.

Your car's totally wrecked.

I really want to get this work done.

Shari's very pleased with himself.

Monsanto controls 27% of the world seed market.


I was going to make some coffee. Do you want a cup?

Clem doesn't really care what Cecilia wants.

It's as true as death.

I think that we're ready to seal the deal.

Every dogs has his own day.

Philippe's not fat.

It's hard to tell him anything.


Someone has left a bag on the bench.


We're hoping for good weather.

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Collin weeded the garden.

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Should old acquaintance be forgot, And never brought to mind?


Gasoline became so expensive that we had to let our car go.

Pria reached down to pet his dog.

They were looking for a fight.

"Getting a foot on the property ladder" is a popular way to describe buying your first home.

I'll be all right in a minute.


Let's not beat around the bush.

I have no intention of going to the party with you.

He can't seem to understand that poem.

He is suffering from a toothache.

She moved out of her parents' house.

You're going to have your hands full, Thuan.

She's a single mother of two.


He walked up to her.

Pandora can hardly walk.

This is where I was born.

Jayant asked one of his friends for a favor.

Jianyun always seems to know what to do.


I don't know why Spudboy did that.

It does make a difference.

You can't tell Spyros what to do.


Can you stay long?

The coalition is trying to paper over the cracks.

We were bogged down in a morass of paperwork.

Suddenly, a ship appeared through the fog.

That sucks.

I've been helping them.

A good salesman will not encroach on his customer's time.

She likes to tell dirty jokes.

Nothing would persuade him.


It is very doubtful whether he is still alive.

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The earth goes around the sun.

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I feel like I have been thrown into the deep end of the pool.

After her sickness, she's only a shadow of her former self.

This bus will take you to the village.

That's good news to me.

He was shown the photo by her.

I heard Hazel sobbing.

He got off at the next bus stop.

I forgot to wind my watch up, so it stopped.

We are to meet at six.

I saw a boat above the bridge.

Edith hates it when Russell pretends to understand sports.

Sri threw himself out of the plane without a parachute.

I choked! I should have come up with a proper plan first.

Alcohol does not solve any problems, but neither does milk.

No money, no job, no friends. He was truly at loose ends.

Nobody sings better in the shower than Anna!

It's the anniversary of the end of the war.


I'll take care of it myself.

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She had a sexual encounter with him.

I should never have thought they would take such a fancy to their teacher.

He was a jihadist.

I've seen an article on the Tatoeba blog about a new version coming soon. Have you read it?

I recently met an old friend.


I don't think it's safe for you to do that.

My son often worries me by asking a lot of questions.

What kind of game are you playing, Mara?

She told me about what she saw in Australia.

I'm going to get some coffee.

The cook prepares delicious meals.

These fragile items must be insured against all risks.

Whose book is this?

Did she have a hard time?

That hardly seems fair.

Let me tell you about us.

Do you really want to risk it?

The lightning flashed.

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The little boy is crafty.

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I need more than that.

Isabelle's face paled.

He described the accident in detail to the police.


I was chagrined at missing you.

Let's not talk about Boston.

Ah, hold a mo. My shoe lace's come undone.

Bill realized that Tracy was right.

I am picking apples.

She should have no problem passing the exam.

I little dreamt of seeing you here.


I will take such action as seems necessary.

Is he your friend?

Our class went on an excursion to Hakone.

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They would never meet again.

This car can drive just as well as that one there.

Can you beat that?

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The English alphabet has 26 letters.

Kris took the bottle from Molly and looked at the label.

When you see Rand give her this note.

Wanderlust is his name.

She has some literary talent.