We don't need to do that everyday.

Devils are hiding among the rocks.


I could help them.

It was such a hot day that we went swimming.

Ruth said he wanted a picture of me.

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I feel like a walk. Wanna come along?


Carlo might've been murdered.


The first lesson in democracy is to abide by the will of the people.

Randal asked Moses for her telephone number.

Do you eat fish?

Amanda plays in a band with Mott.

They're homosexual.


Vinod certainly hasn't told Sandeep yet.

I had a dreadful dream last night.

Don't go there now.

My house stands within easy access of the railroad station.

They rob, and furthermore cheat each other.


How do you say "cheese" in German?

Are you sure you want to leave now?

How far was it?

We need to protect you.

I dedicate this song to you.


Is there something wrong with me, Phiroze?

Let me help you with those groceries.

If it is true that the Greeks forbade women to go to the play, they acted in a right way; for they would at any rate be able to hear something.

Failure to observe these regulations will result in penalties.

Did you enjoy your swim?


This should be reverted back to the original.

If only if I had thought of that!

Taft did not like it at all.

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I slept all day yesterday, since it was Sunday.

He threatened me, but I didn't get scared.

Did you take any other pictures of Srinivas?

I don't have time to do that today.

It needed to be said.

It had to be a mistake.

It happened right in front of us.

Jitendra hasn't been happy recently.

Everyone is in their place.

What's the matter?

The police found Dan's blood on Linda's shoes.

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.

Clark did the work on his own.


I don't worry about that.

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I will read a book when I have finished this task.


Is this book worth reading?

The vice-president attended the ceremony on behalf of the president.

You deserve a long rest.


You used to be so much fun.

When Spain colonized the Philippines, they were administrated by Mexico City. So it was Mexican Spanish, not Castilian Spanish, that influenced Tagalog.

There are some mistakes in your translation.

They have not yet heard of it.

I wish I could have met her.

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I owe them thirty thousand.


She is vain of her beauty.

What're you doing with this?

I'll do whatever it takes to get you back.

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I think Pat might be tired.


You'll never guess what happened.

I just can't memorize students' names.

I adore that place.


His letter indirectly refers to the matter.

Are you a Japanese student?

This is a very scary moment.

Did you leave the window open?

He died four to six weeks ago.


Doyle started eating.

Fay seems nice enough.

I will go to school.

Supporting the local economy while getting drunk is nice.

Frederick opened the hood.


Did Lester do this to you?

Margie hid the truth from Manjeri.

I didn't expect to be here either.

I hope to contact other Esperantists through the radio, as I'm a radio amateur. My call sign is Foxtrot-Five-November-Quebec-Whiskey.

Philippines is called "Filipinas" in Spanish.

I love this school.

Why didn't you just ask her?

The houseboat is in the boathouse.

She seems tired.

My father trained me not as a man or a woman, but as a performer.

They shook hands with each other.


I have had a tough year.

The mother told the children to be quiet.

She will lose weight.

If only I had a good reason not to go.

She received a large advance for her next novel.


Francois had not liked being a supply teacher; students would often cut up and play baffling tricks.

Fuckin' asshole!

After all, you're right.


I love Halloween.

She caught sight of a rowing boat in the distance.

Laurianne speaks French worse than English.


Rik asked Nils who she thought was the best-looking guy in her class.

As he was studying, the door was suddenly flung open.

No one has crossed that infernal desert in hundreds of years.


Somebody called. Guess who?

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People turned and stared at Kristi.

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That is a brilliant idea that will enable us to dedicate our undivided attention to the work again.

Wendell cut his sister a piece of cake.

This would help us promote your products in the most effective way.


The U.S. exports billions of dollars' worth of passenger airplanes.

Elwood seems to want something from you.

Holly seems odd.


I think your work is very good.


To the eye of an artist, this is valuable, I hear.

What a shame.

He has always been an advocate for the poor and downtrodden.


There used to be a bridge here.

Piotr is a lefty.

Would you like to go out to have a drink somewhere?

Case assured us he'd cooperate.

I didn't figure on something like this happening.


He was forced to sign the document.

This melody reminds me of my school days.

Prophesy to the wind, to the wind only for only the wind will listen.

I think this photo was taken in May.

What makes you cry like that?

You have to melt chocolate in a double-boiler so it doesn't burn.

He seems to be a nice guy.

Tahsin is picking her nose.

The more one has, the more one wants.

Barrett has never had to work hard in his entire life.

He is so old that he can go to school.

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The noted diplomat readily participated in the committee.

His lack of technical knowledge kept him from being promoted.

I little dreamed of seeing you here.


Genius is one per cent inspiration and ninety-nine per cent perspiration.

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My mind was in a haze after drinking so much.

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I live in Australia.

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I live in a quiet neighborhood.

A drowning man will clutch at a straw.

This theory was founded on a scientific basis.

Isn't that a lot?

Parents were hopeful about the future.

Several years ago, a bleached body was discovered in a vacant plot in the neighbourhood.

Blaine was real competitive.


I told you it was stupid.

I need scissors.

With first base open, he walked the batter.

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Barton smiled again.

My toes are numb.

The boy tried to move the heavy sofa in vain.

He always behaved badly to me.

Let's find out more about them.


Taro is taller than any other boy in his class.

I don't understand French.

There were lots of people.


Something is stuck in the pipe.

I wanted to ask Carole how long he had lived in India.

If you don't like it then you can quit.


She persists in saying that her analysis is correct.


In the contest he fully displayed what ability he had.


I'll meet you back at the hotel.

No wonder they have elected him chairman.

Since when do you care about what I think?