Dan learnt about Linda's death in the news.


It's your civic duty to vote.


I was betrayed and treated barbarically.

The people here are good.

I cannot describe my feelings.

The inhabitants rebelled against the ruler.

How was your evening?


I can't remember where I first met Calvin.


Carter got in his car and followed the ambulance.

No other creatures can fly as far as fast or as long as birds.

He really cares for his parents.

It wasn't easy for me to write this letter in French.

Leif did a wonderful job.

He likes to travel by himself.

You can use my computer if you want.

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How can you believe without knowing? Maybe feelings are more intense than thoughts.

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Liza forgot to tell Troy that John had called.

I saw two guys kissing each other in the hallway.

I'd like to buy this computer.

Dan was arrested pretty often; more than five times, in fact.

How did you know Skip and Tao weren't really married?


You must leave the diagnosis to your doctor.


You know why I'm here.

I can barely see you.

It's easy to see why.


I have to fire Toby.

Set cooking time for 1 minute 45 seconds.

Jarvis reminds me of someone I used to know.

My plan is to study in Australia.

What are you guys doing up so early?

My brother's football team won a tournament yesterday.

It's a tense situation.

Do you still collect stamps?

Millie is eating bread.


To me, love is being able to restrain one's own feelings and take others into consideration.

I kind of like Marie, too.

I hear he is ill.

Gunter was in a better mood an hour ago.

I'm supposed to do everything by myself.

Those who labour with their minds govern others; those who labour with their strength are governed by others.

Here's a problem for you.

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I'm allergic to synthetic rubber.

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Duke was hired by us in 2013.

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Barton's happy.

We concentrated.

It can only be her.

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I can't finish the job in such a short time.

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Go do something.

We're untalented.

I'm very serious.

Jarmo is recovering from surgery.

I think it important that we should keep a promise.

This is a company town.

The car is good.


We have no alternative but to work.

Let's get things started.

Seymour asked me to take over.

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We found only a small number of customers in the store.

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He continued reading the book.

Edmond heard his name being called.

I went to that party by myself.


All of us would like to get rid of nuclear weapons.


We waited with a faint expectation.

You're very brave, aren't you?

Jason is being held hostage.

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We're quite fond of Dwayne.

It's past your bedtime.

Saturday is the last day of week.

On a clear day, you can see Mt. Fuji from here.

Ric's blinks became longer and longer as he entered the twilight zone between wakefulness and sleep.


I have many friends.

Amos has mentioned you.

He took me for my mother.


This website is useless.


She politely declined the invitation.

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I must have made a slip somewhere.

It is psychologically difficult for her to say no.

Have you been there before?


So what's been going on?

Why did you buy it?

I met the man, who showed me the way.

He insured himself for a rainy day.

Why did you ditch me?

What you don't know won't hurt you.

It's impossible for us to visualise four-dimensional objects.


I hope to see you again before long.

You know we don't need to go there today, right?

He sneaked up behind him.

I dozed off in the train and slept right past my station.

Colin closed his mouth.

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I won't wake up even if the alarm rings.

I've decided to study kanji.

She blacked out on seeing the scene of the accident.

Could you give me my bank balance, please?

I heard someone call my name from behind.

He knows better than to make such a claim.

What's your favorite constellation?

Hold still for a moment, please.

Who makes breakfast for him?

Brodie gave the dog a piece of meat.

I no longer remember him.

That makes a difference.

Why do you insist on letting in these insufferable wild birds?!

You will do well to take my advice.

What is the longest word in the Kazakh language?


Dimitry declined to offer specifics.

I've done that all my life.

I've seen you before.


I tried my best to help him.

Pim thinks it's funny.

Who's the one who's writing this bullshit?

Sigurd doesn't have much teaching experience.

He has little clotting factor, so even the tiniest paper cut bleeds and bleeds.


Didn't I tell you to close the door?


That year's buzzword was digital: digital clocks, digital microwave ovens, even digital pens.

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You seem like such a nice girl.


I can't add anything else.

She is reading it.

You're not an idiot.

Dawson hit a home run.

Women aren't exactly throwing themselves at me.

Skiing is a lot of fun.

They called them scalawags.

With every birthday, we grow older by one year.

Catherine wiped away his tears.

None of them are happy.

How does that make you feel?

This is a picture of the first house we lived in.

Different flowers represent different meanings.

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Daryl doesn't have the time to help Collin right now.

Would you really want to do that?

I expect him to pass the examination.


Could you please wait a minute?

Are you usually this quiet?

One for all, and all for one, this is our motto.

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I've been adequately punished.

I'll play tennis with Jon later this afternoon.

Moscow is the capital of Russia.


Reiner told Lois about everything that had happened.

Once upon a time, there lived a pretty girl.

Every school kid has played hooky at one time or another.


Please bear with me.


Socorrito is lying through his teeth.


Polly didn't have time to eat lunch.

Can you hold this for me?

The second sentence was just as long.


In the end, the diligent person succeeds.

I've kept a diary in French for the past three years.

Somehow I slept all day today.


Lobbyists for the bill funneled bribes into a campaign fund.


I think I made myself clear.

Miles ripped the envelope open.

The boss ordered us to work from morning till night.


The situation is out of control.