No one can tell what may turn up tomorrow.

The children were all ears when I was telling them the story.

I did my best to protect her.

I want people to know what's going on.

No one noticed that Jorge wasn't wearing shoes.

The note was from her.

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I'm not feeling that great.


Do you often travel abroad?

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Bob is such a nice person that everybody likes him.

Slender and form-fitting with a high cut, the new qipao contrasted sharply with the traditional one.

He taught his children Russian.


She put away a good deal of money.

Does he go to school on foot or by bicycle?

I don't even care if they hate me.

An infant is not capable of speaking, so it just screams until it gets what it wants.

She is always dressed in black.

I'm having a little trouble with this.

You should go to the hospital at once.


Les said that I could spend the night at his place.


You're only as much as you settle for.

They were going to kill her.

Death is something that we're often discouraged to talk about or even think about, but I've realized that preparing for death is one of the most empowering things you can do. Thinking about death clarifies your life.

They destroyed the old house.

Jorge never did anything to me.

*Everything* should be doubted, I say.

Jarl is into zoophilia.

That was an excellent game.

Tell us everything.

She was ashamed of herself for her carelessness.

I blanched.

He will go in your place.

I can't decide if I'm happy or sad.

There was a shortage of fuel.

Do you think Vicki wants to go to Boston with us?

Let's shake hands.

We'll be in Boston for three months.

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Jamie is running scared.

I'm going to fix you up with Juri.

His life is perfectly fulfilled.


I'm ignoring you.

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It was a great night.

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What can I do you for?


Dieter will do it when he comes in.

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My wrists were sore after lifting wieghts.

Isaac is a terrible roommate.

Rhonda is a very close friend, but he's not my boyfriend.

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Salmon is my favorite fish to eat.


Vladimir didn't bring the matter up at the meeting this morning.

Don't give up hope, Duane.

Who was on the phone?

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He tucked the handkerchief in his pocket.

That's embarrassing.

Kinch was knocked unconscious.

We need to have a chat in private.

We have five classes every day except Saturday.

I can see it in your eyes.

When did you begin learning French?


In order to bring out your talents to the full you need to a profession more suited to you, to find a new work place.

The journey that brought me here is almost unbelievable.

Beijing has started to get colder.

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This music suits my present mood.


We'll help you rescue them.


Whose fault is it?

I couldn't have done it without you.

That exact same thing happened to a good friend of mine.

Bradley had a crush on his science teacher.

I wish I could remember where I left my umbrella.

That was a special moment.

The man was hiding in a dense forest.

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Endometritis is a disease where bacteria enter the uterus and cause inflammation of the inner membrane.

Barbara got lost because the route wasn't signposted.

I need a lot of them.


I've never seen her before in my life.

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One must always study.

Kate stays in Izu over the weekend.

Thank you, Van, but I'm okay now.

Was it cold?

Do you know who that is?

Discover all the services and advantages of first class.

This car is no better than junk.

Come early.

That man is Urs.

I allowed him to kiss me.

"Where are the books?" "They're on the desk."

We desperately need more money to help fund our project.

My French is limited.

It's time for you to go to bed.

Don't you realize your behavior reflects on all of us?

I spent the day with her.

You are not to blame for the accident.

His father wanted him to be a doctor.

I'm going to tell you something about Jennie that you might not know.

I showed my room to Kent.

You can make of that what you will.

Isn't there anything we can do to help Mongo?

I think food is expensive in Japan.

I'm not going to comment anything about this.

I can't figure out how to export my email addresses to a text file.

We moved last year.

She was in no humor for lunch.

Huey saw his name written on the blackboard.

Gordon decided not to tell Keith.


Shall I fetch Amy from the pleasure lounge?

Could you tell me?

Let's start the ball rolling by introducing ourselves.

We do not know him.

I was tricked into doing it.


No one likes him because he is a liar.

Pontus has a stress ball.

She and I were in the same class in middle school.

Caroline cooked dinner for us.

Hiroyuki wasn't allowed to do that.

This is the girl you wanted to see.

Israel liked to swim when he was younger.


I have forgiven him already.

She is lazy.

They won't get the chance.

Cary stepped out onto the balcony.

Herve flirted with Gypsy.

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That is how he always treats me.

We didn't want to upset him.

He divided one million dollars among his five sons.


Surely, in the present-day society, we might as well consider it natural that consumption plays an important role in the life of man and is closely related to his well-being and happiness.

I understand your problem.

I don't know anything about cocaine.

You have three hours to finish the report.

All women become like their mothers. That is their tragedy. No man does. That's his.

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It could take years before this bridge is ready to use.

She is the one who feeds our dog.

She likes Hiroshima better than any other city.

He will not be beholden to special interests.

We're here to rescue you.

I long to experience the food and culture of my home.

I met him at the barber's.

They came presently to our rescue.

I feel secure in my new job.

I wanted to kiss Space.

Geoffrey doesn't play outdoors much.

We're persistent.

What do you think you'd like to do next time?


The rent is paid for six months.

One can tell how much one has aged by looking at the faces of those one knew when one was young.

It's probably not OK.


They won't need you.

He doesn't look like his father at all.

Do you know how that looks?

I don't know what Subra told Masanobu.

Little people watch big people.

That's how we became friends.

War is a racket. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.

Doesn't it work?

There is no breeze here.


Patrice doesn't know the difference between a star and a planet.

We're way ahead of schedule.

"Nobody knows that," said the doctor.


He's a sex maniac.

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I was busy the whole day.


She is a kind of mother to me.

I'm getting ready for my trip to Italy.

Could you press this button?


It's nothing to be sorry about.

His way of doing things was much disliked.

I'm quite a normal guy who has many hobbies, maybe too many.

That's too small to fit on your head.

He is thought of as a scholar.