In the heart of the city, there is an institution having a golden history.

How long have you been divorced?


I may win if I'm lucky.

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We have to move.

Because he didn't want to lose face, he refused my offer to help him.

She advised him to take a rest.


Don't let go of me.

Go wake them up.

The car went off the road due to snowfall covering the lane.

We only see the Moon because sunlight reflects back to us from its surface.

I'm taking them home.

It may snow in the evening.

Can his story be true?

Turn right there.

I'll stay here until you return.

What do you think you'll do with your life?

There was nothing but the blue sea as far as the eye could reach.

I want to wish you the best.

Van and Jaime came separately.

I can't predict what'll happen.

Kate made her family leave home.

We've improved a lot.

Glenn has two friends who are women.

Give the book to whomever wants it.

I'm going to Boston in the spring.

Don't you have a plane to catch?

This morning as I did not have any money with me, I could not buy my raisin bread, and this evening, even though I had taken money in the meantime, there was no raisin bread left at the bakery.

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We're closed today.


The building is incapable of repair.


What's your favorite upbeat song?


By chance, I met her in the street.

She studies audiology.

She's not like other girls.


It is warm there all the year round.

Today we face a lot of serious problems.

Tigers live in the jungle, lions in the savanna.

Dimetry and I used to play tennis together.

Never bait me with a smile.

The water flooded the streets.

Should we go to the mall?

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Knapper always had a back up plan.

Liisa was sick of the noise.

What do you feel like eating?

He would sooner die than get up early every morning.

By chance we saw him as he came out of the shop.

I'm sorry to hear that you all lost power.

Marla doesn't seem to think we're in any danger.

I like pretty things.

I met them in Boston last week.

I scaled one.

How could I have known?


Pieter and her mom live in a very old apartment.

I poured some water in the bucket.

I could have sworn I heard Patty's voice.

Oh, by the way, I have something for you.

We have experienced many changes over the last decade.

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They left that for us.

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I switch on my laptop, start up the browser, and type in the address I've already learnt by heart.


Piete isn't leaving.

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I bought a beginner's Swahili book at the secondhand book shop.

This is the first time I've ever greeted Marika in Finnish.

A beam of sunlight came through the clouds.

She is a singer whose reputation is growing fast.

I have a pain in my shoulders.

I'll call him back.

Let's get our bearings before we go any further.

Spring sows, autumn reaps.

Just to be clear, this was not me.

Certain circles keep saying the same thing insistently.

He was shown the photo by her.

This room is noisy. The sound bounces right off the walls.

Gregor does sloppy work.


Jane is to teach our students from next week.

Miltos gave half his money to charity.

What's the historian's duty?

I hope you can help us.

My surname is 'Wang.'


Don't tell crude jokes in the presence of my father.

I shouldn't have let him go.

He was disappointed that things didn't turn out as he'd hoped.


You won't have any trouble finding a place to live.

Sea turtles always return to the beach where they hatched.

Hienz made no attempt to convince Tricia that he was innocent.

I think Hwa is fit.

The only one in danger is you.


I'm not going to go.

"He's a tiger when he's angry" is an example of metaphor.

I will start working on July first.

What do you have to say for yourself?

Pratap is a witness.


Do the people of your country eat rice?


"Take the child away into the forest; I never want to see her again. Kill her, and bring me back this handkerchief soaked in her blood as proof."

Soccer players make a lot of money.

We should bear in mind what is called wisdom is not a mere item of knowledge.

There was nobody in the room.

I read the message.


I find his every word truly offensive.

I pay her well.

My hands are shaking.

Everyone hates know-it-alls.

Shatter was amused by the joke.

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Conditioning is fine for animals, but people need more advanced lessons.

You have something on your face.

All the stores were closed.


My grandfather died five years ago.

What haven't you told me?

I told you that!

We caught the train.

Frank has killed again.


The unemployment rate will rise by degrees.

I was busted to a sergeant.

Cole is extremely stubborn.

How can you be sure your girlfriend isn't faking her orgasms?

So from then on, manufacturers had to pay real cash.

The terrorists brought rope with them so that they could tie up all the hostages.

That's what I loved about them.

Ten years have passed already since my mother died.

Radek is really jealous and he gets mad when other guys talk to me.

The Emperor shall be the symbol of the State.

That'll be difficult.

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Darryl showed Jurevis the world from the past.

We hate getting up early in the morning.

Their sales are growing.

The boy is a credit to our school.

I take myself seriously.

I didn't go to a lot of movies in 2016.

We already looked over there.


Who are you leaving in charge?

Why did you not go to the office?

It seems to be one of the fundamental features of nature that fundamental physical laws are described in terms of a mathematical theory of great beauty and power.

They're eating high on the hog.

Gypsy would be proud of you.

What do you mean?

Did you shave this morning?

I thought Erick would ask that.

Saad is quite considerate.


Our school is surrounded by a healthy environment.

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The bird flew up into the blue sky.

You need to bear in mind that what is written on Wikipedia isn't always true.

I'm on good terms with the neighbors.

I guess that's final.

He is still having doubts.

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You'll stay with me.

Let's make believe we have one million yen hand.

I am going to introduce you to my family.

Who should I meet but Ethan?

I am sorry to write such a long letter. I didn't have time to write a short one.

Gale drives an old Ford.

Nobody trusts Cathryn anymore.

Rising temperatures are reducing ice volume and surface extent on land, lakes, and sea. This loss of ice is expected to continue.

I don't think you should drive.

I used to sleep in a trundle bed when I would visit my aunt and uncle.

Wes didn't open the door for Morgan.

Put on your glasses.

Hurry up, and you'll catch the bus.

I drink fruit juice.

I'm going to stay in Boston for a few days.

I think this is better.

Documents relating to his private life were stolen in the burglary.


I'm a night owl.

Sanjay is working with Alvin.

The employer made a new offer to the workers.

You don't have to worry about that.

Why could the boy not tell how old his aunt was? - He could not tell it because he had not yet learnt large numbers in school.

I'll talk you through it.

Now that the line of scrimmage has been moved back to the 15-yard line, the extra point after touchdown is no longer a fait accompli.

If it is sunny tomorrow, we will go on a picnic.

The maid arranged the knives and forks on the table.


She smokes a lot.