Trey asked Piercarlo to speak more slowly.

She always says nice things about him, especially when he's around.


You are idle to the bone.

Jef was kind enough to show me the way to the station.

His face turned red with anger.

We rode to the ranch on horseback.

Sridhar was stationed for a year in Germany.

I'm curious about something.

Norm didn't know you owned that land.

Would you like a glass of OJ with your breakfast?

Vladimir waited till the door was closed.

Should we go?

Lay up for a rainy day.


Did Vladislav sign that confession voluntarily?


He understood he could not win.

The tape recorder has recorded his voice.

Luckily, we have a plan.


The supply-demand balance is relaxing.

Harvey is waiting for a friend.

Giovanni is a fool, if you ask me.

I have been to Tokyo only once.

I didn't see Geoffrey do that.

You can't leave here.

She did not succeed, but after all that was her first attempt.

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I had already left before you returned.


Be sure to follow them step by step.

Valeria is likely to be put on probation.

Laurianne always calls on Monday.


She sat at the bar downing shot after shot of whisky.


This desk takes up too much room.

I went to church every Sunday when I was a boy.

Spy gave me everything except what I wanted.

I wish you a nice weekend!

Franklin didn't know how lucky he was.

I didn't confront him.

Some people questioned his honesty.


I went to the park with Merat the day before yesterday.


Location: A fewminutes from the Verona Est turnpike exit.

What were you doing this morning?

Johnathan and Kamiya are happy together.

She talked him into buying her a diamond ring.

Who'd want to hire them?


"Have you ever played football?" "Yes, but I haven't played in a while."

I have to answer the phone.

Syed knows his way around a movie set.


I think Damon is pessimistic.

They'll find us jobs.

You can buy stamps at any post office.


Fred, behave, and I'm not joking, either.


I regret kissing him.

Wes has a cleft lip.

Yes, that's certainly an issue.

He was allowed to go swimming on condition that he be kept near the other boys.

You are the love of my life.


A capital letter is used at the beginning of a sentence.


Kristi was worried about what might happen.

He's not used to it.

There were six children in the Evans family.

I'm glad you called me.

Forbidden fruit is sweetest.


Be at the train station at eleven sharp.

I saw him with her.

It won't be our problem, will it?


Draw a small circle.

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Thus our own Christmas fir was decked as a symbol of the celestial sun tree. The lights, according to Professor Schwartz, represent the flashes of lightning overhead, the golden apples, nuts and balls symbolize the sun, the moon and the stars, while the little animals hung in the branches betoken sacrifices made in gratitude to the sun god.

The station is two miles away.

She's all I have.

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Is she your mom?

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Can you tell me anything else?


It's good fun.

Where did you get this information?

Johann plowed his way through the crowd.

She was depressed.

I have to give him a chance.

They were jealous.

Good movies broaden your horizons.

My sister has long legs and likes sports.

I think you're the one who needs help.


This song is No. 1 on the hit chart.

She told my secret.

That's still bad.

You must have a sense of humour to use our products.

Just how big is it?


They ignored me.

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Let's get you home.

I respect everybody's opinion.

The protons and neutrons cluster together in the center of the atom in what is called the nucleus. The electrons orbit around the nucleus.

You met each other at the airport.

I must speak with them.

Mars declared independence from Terra in the year 2302.

If he were there he would know what to do.

You have to believe in something.

Thuan has been an inmate of a high-security prison for the past three years.


I took them for a little trip in a boat.

We left together.

The homework was so complex that no one in class finished it.

We tried to call you.

At the age of six he had learned to use the typewriter and told the teacher that he did not need to learn to write by hand.

I really don't like to use this word.

That sounds really interesting.

Grow up, Pria.

I've just changed my mind.

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When participants were sought at the end of June all, about 500, seats were reserved in under a week.

Bumblebees are furry.

It's not a matter of if the bridge will collapse, but when.


Serious inquiries only, please.

What more could we possibly do?

Claire doesn't know his date of birth.

I learned a lot about her.

You haven't taught me.

The army continues its anti-terrorism operation.

The lost and found section.


It wouldn't work.

A kiss in the woods is better than ten in hand.

He's her friend.

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Jun's not a real person.

Dwayne stabbed Arnold with scissors.

Bob didn't want to interrupt Joel while she was studying.

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What did you get him?


This is my ship.

They did not notice minute differences.

Spock advised Wilson to do that.


I want you to stop.

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A trip to the Moon is no longer a dream.

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It is not the strongest of the species that survive, not the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.

Strong-willed kids need clear boundaries and positive role models.

They would have got a better exchange rate if they had gone to a bank.

Francois worked as a lifeguard during the summer.

Even though the media reports that she is a potential presidential candidate, does anyone really think that she is a potential president?


Cyrus usually eats a sandwich for lunch.


Trey is going to chill with us tonight.

Vincent played a few tunes on the piano.

I want to be sure you understand what's going to happen.

I'm very interested in social studies.

They were different.

I can't believe she did this to me.

Tad is afraid of his own shadow.

The banker's pay cut was temporary, not permanent.

My conscience bothers me.


She forced him to eat spinach.

Maybe it wasn't him.

There seems to be no way out.

Do you study English every day?

The leaves are yellow!

We received an anonymous tip.

I want to know exactly what you did.

Two is the fourth root of sixteen.

It's a very touching story.

All the photos were posted on his Twitter profile.

They had a fairytale wedding.

Kari wasn't moving.

I can't risk that.

We must take his youth into account.

Did you notice that one side of Leo Tolstoi's mustache is longer than the other?

You just can't give up.

Can you possibly help me?

She had an unfriendly attitude.

We don't need anything else.

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I'm not serious.

I think she is used to walking to and from work every day.

I haven't seen him in a few years.