Axel is dressed a little more casually than usual.

Harriet looked slightly abashed.

Hubert is a wonderful kid.

They can finish their homework after dinner.


Many people, even ones who generally like sex, find fetishes repulsive.

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This doesn't entirely rule out another possibility.

Could you tell me how to use the telephone?

I was attracted to the girl.


Matters are becoming worse.

You should be happy for them.

Why do I need to learn French?


The glass is dirty.


Larry is a very effective speaker.


I want a doctor who can speak French.

Her diploma.

What would you have said?


What are you selling?

The boy is behind a tree in the garden.

That sketch looks nothing like me.


My schedule is rather tight.

Fate is not on our side.

Kyung and John are trying to calm John down.

We commended him for his good work.

There are so many mistakes in this book that the teacher has dubbed it "The Drunkard's Edition".

Don't do that again, OK?

There are enormous risks.

Pierce went outside to discover what all the commotion was about.

And if so, what then?

The plane has hit several air pockets.

The poor people were at the mercy of the cruel dictator.


Rafik didn't play well.


You are hot!


Do not fear the devil!

I'd like him to be happy.

What have you been doing this week?

Don't touch me again.

We would still be open if we had anything to left to sell.

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She dreamt of being a princess.


I don't make mistakes.

I'm in the rear trail

Your wrongdoing is a disgrace to our school.


We're really looking forward to it.

There's a policeman outside who wants to see you.

I agreed with her.

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When were potatoes introduced into Japan?


That's not cool. That's hyper-cool!

Is it OK if we begin?

I think Shannon is acquainted with Sekar.

I like that purple shirt.

Manuel and I sat down to talk.

Warm yourself while the fire burns.

The streets were empty.

You can't expect Hein to get well overnight.

You're surely going to forget it before we get to the house.

Is it true that Boston is a popular destination for tourists?

I've been asked to quit the company.

Anyhow I will see him.

Let's all do it.

Kay is more optimistic.

Japan has caught up with Europe and America in medicine.


What room in your house do you spend the most time in?


This is a true story.

You are working in Milan.

He could not stand being kept waiting so long.

Today is a cloudy day.

Why did you give Carlo so much money?

She may speak harsh words, but deep inside she is a kind person, you know.

I need to talk to Franklin now.

Hsi disagreed.

Jwahar was there as well.

Isidore is going to need our help.

I have no hair on my head.


What did he tell you about me?

I will be here two hours later than previously said.

I wasn't always happy.


We should never judge people by their appearance.


I have some idea of what happened.

Things are changing quickly.

As a rule, hail falls in summer.

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He is rich while his elder brother is poor.

There's a bus here.

You've done something wrong.

Spy decided never to see him any more.

I should have let her win but I had too good cards.

The duck quacks.

I had better ask them.

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What did we miss?


I'll enjoy this.


Maybe Brad just didn't want to talk about Judith.

I was nervous as hell.

How long did it take you to finish reading the book?

I'll ruin my clothing.

Bob knows Kemal and John are no longer together.

Text me after your flight lands.

Why would Amedeo have a problem with Griff helping us?


I've hurt your feelings, haven't I?


You're wearing out my patience!

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She decided she will not continue her relationship with him.

Do you have any ideas on how we can solve this problem?

I'm glad you're staying.

Syd was a footballer.

We smiled at them.

I am not older than he is.

We shouldn't accept his explanation at face value.

Nobody was home.

Men can do more for their families.

I'm going to open the wine and let it breathe.

Difference between the past, present, and future is nothing but an extremely widespread illusion.

I'm smarter than everyone else here.

How's your boy doing?

Dan met Linda at the cemetery.

A guy named Harry was looking for you this morning.

Hy joined the group.

Miriamne worked at a hospital.

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It seemed like you were happy.

Mother is no more than one.

They aren't happy to see you.

Siping didn't seem convinced.

I've lost my crown.


I need to find out where No lives.

I only have one question.

Can you prove Emil didn't do it?

She gave it to him.

A court without ladies is like a garden without flowers.


Lea is not a liar.


Lawrence hoped he wouldn't be too late.

Our advice is that the company invest in new equipment.

Travis is gone forever.

I will support him.

Do you want a puppy?


I almost dropped the plates.


They're wrong.

He tried to laugh her out of her foolish belief.

Mahesh told Glen not to be late.

Please fill up the bottle with water.

I can't believe I'm even considering this.

Suppose that we miss the last train, what should we do?

I thought Leung would be asleep by now.

You look a little tired.

They shot him.


Do you have Guinness?


I'm not going to get into a battle of wits with you; I never attack anyone who's unarmed.


Mario didn't have any choice.

She is usually at home on Sundays.

The resistance to theory is the resistance to the use of language about language.

Santa went to Harvard.

I don't have a credit card.

I don't want to die tomorrow.

I put the bag on or beside the chair.

I think Pamela is too demanding.

I don't think I'm unapproachable.


Life is short, so I use Python.

My uncle guaranteed my debts.

Thank you for your efforts.

Come in and lock the door.

Can you tell me how to fill in this form?

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Randal can't tell you anything.


I'm sorry, did I say something wrong?


I can empathize with that.