Our solar system is always in motion.

I'm the best.

Ravi got a little red.

Jim is about to take a trip to southeast Asia.

I am at home.

Sid said he felt weird just before collapsing on the floor.

Now, go have a good time.

I have been to the airport to see my father off.


I'm afraid of the cops.


There was no way out.

The theater used to open up about this time.

Go, already!


I was drinking heavily in those days.

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He has a son and two daughters.

Mara and Arne are discussing the situation.

Am I in the right place?

Tell me about your son.

He was relieved at the news.

Sickness and health start with the mind.

The station is two miles away.

It's still cloudy.

My friend remembered which way to go.

My suitcase isn't as heavy as Harris's.

Now let go.

Oh, I didn't like the ending.

I've made a mistake in my calculations.

My father stopped smoking.

How do we survive?

Murph is an experienced dental assistant.

She drives a Beemer.


The biggest difference between bandy and floorball is that bandy is played on ice.

What would Bucky need?

Don't feel too sorry for him.

Nadeem asked Novo not to wake him up before seven.

Rome is an Italian town.

I hate Mondays.

I assumed you might be hungry so I brought some sandwiches.

I think perhaps you should call Patricia.

Quit picking on her.

Amedeo had to take care of his grandfather.

This is shocking.


I think we both know the answer to that.


Terrance doesn't have to go to Boston next week.


When was the last time you translated a book?

I love the smell of fresh baked bread.

When will it arrive?

The machines are idle now.

Can I open the windows?

Jesus's mobile phone fell out of his pocket into the pool when he leaned over to check the water level.

If we don't thoroughly examine the cause of bullying, bullying will probably never go away.

It's a bad disease.

It did not go well.


I didn't see any reason to bother you.


I don't have time to read.

All the knowledge man has of science and of machinery, by the aid of which his existence is rendered comfortable upon earth, and without which he would be scarcely distinguishable in appearance and condition from a common animal, comes from the great machine and structure of the universe.

My husband didn't die.

There is an urgent need for more people to donate their time and money.

I'm going to give him a bath.

It is beyond my power to build my own house.

Your children love you.


Phenolphthalein is an indicator used in acid-base titrations.


The rummage sale netted me a profit.

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I really want to do better.

Of course, to be valuable, an old carpet must be in good condition.

Has Spudboy told Maria that he doesn't really know how to speak French?

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Leads thought that Ti didn't want to play chess with him.

It's very near. Its a five minute walk.

His success is out of question.


Three is one half of six.

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Your hair shines like gold.

Keep looking for them.

We're coming.


Marguerite didn't know what Hubert wanted.


Vidhyanath willed all his property to the city.

We are all Americans.

Oh, also I took the calendar!

Do you like chocolate?

Can the price be discounted?

Hello, could you tell me where a telephone box is?

He did everything for her.

You almost didn't get offered the job.

The buildings look so tiny.


Air as well as sunlight is, needless to say, indispensable to our daily life.

Manny was very frank.

Shall I pour some beer for you?

I need mascara.

Everyone thought we were going to lose.


I've waited all my life for this day.

Each player did his best.

It's an old name.

Please drop in when you come this way.

I can't control it.

This was way too easy.

Malcolm has already told Lorraine not to do that.

I didn't know Graeme then.

Hilda has stopped smoking.

That was terrible.

Will the weather be good tomorrow?


Many sentences were translated from English into other languages, but very few sentences were translated from other languages into English. Why?


That is not a good idea.

Japanese management must learn how to deal with American workers, he said.

Horst is three years old now.

Francis left Hurf a note.

I wonder who bought the cake.


Elliot has just made a triple bogey.

May I?

He gets a lot out of everything he does.


This play was well received by the press.


He is not a man to tell a lie.

Your carpet is completely white.

I need everybody cleared out of here, at once.

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The USA is a republic.


Are you Finns or Russians?

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I was supposed to do that yesterday.

I wish I hadn't believed them.

Collin kept everyone together.


I think I mistakenly deleted that file.


Roger works in a cubicle.

He's cunning and manipulative.

We're in a bit of a hurry now.

What was Seymour's reply?

We hate them as much as you do.

Vicky is collecting things.

This guy looks like a fox.

Are you still going to go out with Ramadoss?

I suggested that we should stay there another day.


She burned herself while lighting a cigarette.

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The dragons are born in the fire.

I know what happened at school today.

I don't need a loan anymore.

I decided to write 20 sentences a day on Tatoeba.

Screw you!

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I'm not too sure about this.


The last time I saw Page he was flirting with some girls on the front steps of the school.

Marvin used to work for our company.

At last! Adobe dumps this shit of Flash for mobiles.

All of my siblings are taller than me.

I'll keep checking.

She had a work contract.

It was a very, very hot night.

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He never makes a show of his learning.


An immense monument was erected in honor of the eminent philosopher.

See you then.

I'm still waiting for a reply.

Kayvan is going to run in the election.

We cannot distinguish her from her younger sister.


I have no name.

Everyone recognizes the boy as a real genius.

The force held out bravely against their enemy's attacks.

That isn't Rogue's only problem.

He does not know how to solve the problem.

I just ignore them.

I need you right now.

Is he a friend of yours?

My name links me with my ancestors.

That sounds serious.

There was no point remaining.

If you'll just tell me what you want, I'll try to get it for you.

Carl noticed that Benjamin was staring at John.

Is there anything else we need to do before we go?

He is in year ten.

Tell him to pick up the phone.

Go out and get some more firewood.