Golf Betting

Golf betting has exploded in popularity in the last years, as TV coverage has increased and access to golf betting sites online has exposed more people to the fun exciting world of betting on golf.

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Guide to Golf Betting

On this Golf betting website, we’ll show you not only how to bet on golf, but what betting sites are best for real money golf betting. Not all betting sites are created equal, if you bet on golf for real money online bookmark us for golf betting tips and odds.

Online Golf Betting

There are three main sections of Golf that you can bet on including; the PGA Tour, the PGA European Tour and the Majors. The Majors consists of four main tournaments of that year, played by the top players from both the PGA Tour and the PGA European Tour. The PGA tour has more than 40 tournaments and the PGA European Tour has 53 events, then add the 4 Majors and you have about 100 events available to bet on. Along with all those Golf events to bet on, there are many different kinds of bets that you can make such as; 3 Ball betting, Player Match betting, Tournament Group betting and of course Outright betting as well as many unique kinds of betting created by individual bookmakers.

Outright Golf Betting

Outright betting is the most common way to bet on Golf tournaments online because it is completely straight forward and simple to understand. If you are a beginner at betting on Golf, you may want to start with outright betting as it is the simplest to grasp. Outright betting is so simple even a house wife who knows nothing about Golf could do it. All you have to do to make an outright bet is take a look at the odds and pick which player you think will win a specific event. Many bookmakers and betting sites open Outright betting several months before the largest Golf tournaments.

Player Match Golf Betting

Player Match betting is very similar to outright betting with a twist. Instead of going through all the names and odds of tournament players, many bookmakers will compile a list of player 1 on 1 matches. Now these aren’t real 1 on 1 matches, instead they are hypothetical matches where you can bet on which of the two players will come out of the event with a lower score. In addition to being able to bet on which player will have the best score, you can also choose if you think the two players will come to a draw with the same score.

Tournament Group Golf Betting

Tournament Group betting is very similar to player match betting. The difference between the two is, where when placing a player match golf bet you are choosing between 2 players, in Tournament Group betting you choose between two groups of players. Just like player match betting, the bookmaker will make a list of groups of 2 teams to choose which will win or if they will draw.

3 Ball Golf Betting

3 Ball betting is also very similar to player match betting but you will not be picking your favorite of the tournament between 2 players. Instead you will have the chance to bet on which of 3 players will have the lowest score on any particular hole. If you are looking to bet more than a couple times per event, this may be the right kind of golf betting structure for you.

Summary About Golf Betting

Above are the most popular ways to bet on golf, but they are not the only ones. Many bookmakers come up with many different side bets. In fact Bodog has a couple of interesting side bets such as betting on the PGA Grand Slam of Golf. You can also bet on how many Majors bush disease will win in 2010! Now you should have a pretty good understanding of how to bet on golf and the many bets that are available to you. So what are you waiting for? Find a good bookmaker and place your first golf bet!

History of Golf

Like many great things in the world today, the true Origins of the game of Golf are truly unknown. However, there are many different opinions claiming the game started from different places all around the world. Some claim it came from a Chinese game called Chuiwan which means striking small ball. Where as others claim it came from the game Paganica, a Roman game where they use a bent stick to hit stuffed leather balls. There are many claims that it originated from a game called Cambuca which was played in England and France and was quite similarly played like the modern day Golf.

The majority of claims, however, swear that the game of Golf comes from a Scottish game where shepherds back in the twelfth century could be found hitting rocks into rabbit holes on the same land that is known today as the Royal Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews. Although Golf has been around for a very long time, if you didn’t play, you didn’t really know about it. However, in the recent years it’s popularity has grown with the infamous Tiger Woods taking over the PGA. Now, even housewives have heard of the game.