Everything will be OK.

I only met him three times.


Sam noticed a drunkard lying in the street.

It might be too late.

It's not only Jim who is sick, but his parents as well.

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He showed me his new car.

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Everyone but Terri seems to be enjoying the party.

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May I have your undivided attention?

Meet me at the library.

Doesn't anyone know how long we are going to be here?

The sun is our most important source of energy.

She agreed with him on what to do with the old car.

To be, or not to be, that is the question.

Do everything at your own risk.

I think I can.

He's on top of the world after hearing the good news.

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He tried with all his might to push the door open.


We are aiming at establishing the five-day workweek.


Can't we just get Klaus to leave?

I'm sorry, but I have a previous appointment for tomorrow.

Murray's gun misfired.


This dog is trained to smell out drugs.

Kenneth wanted to lose weight.

I'm not blind.

A drop of sweat ran down his temple.

Fair is foul, and foul is fair: hover through the fog and filthy air.


He adores him.

We are good friends now, but we didn't like each other at first.

Have you been naughty or nice?

The politician receives on Wednesdays.

Everyone is looking for Willie.

Don't you sleep well at night?

Did you buy them?

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We're going to have to deal with this.


He reported the details with accuracy.

The final piece makes up the whole pie.

Would you dine with me?

I usually get home by six o'clock.

I will be glad to help you.

Don't worry, you have me.

I don't really approve of gambling.

To be accurate, he is to blame.

I'm friends with her brother.

It's so nice to be back.

Wages are finally starting to rise again.


Plants give off oxygen as they make food.

It was unprofessional.

I just don't want you to get upset.

Have you eaten your dinner already?

Nobody noticed my absence?

I'm worried about the state of Spy's health.

Knute and Clyde looked at each other and stood up.

We'll go in a minute.

It's a volant bird.


We just want to help Nancy.

They've adopted a new plan.

Owen's very sophisticated.

We are going to be hit by a storm.

Did she ever confide in you about the problems she was having?

My date shivered and sweated uncontrollably as she asked me for children way the hell too early.

Why do I have to be here anyway?

Our children's education set us back quite a lot.

The man lost all hope.


Such things happen very often


You don't need to be there.

He won first prize as a result of his great effort.

Did it come with cords?

I can't tell you the whole story now, but in brief, my parents aren't coming here this summer.

"She's been really selfish and self-centred", I thought, "whereas, for me, the word 'love' is sacred and deep."

Do I have a knife?

Karl was kneeling.

May I have a pillow and a blanket, please?

Marriage is a covered dish.

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Let's pitch the tent while it's still light.

I hope you're staying.

Dogs like playing with other dogs.

She cried for hours without ceasing.

This is where Eli used to live.

I have eaten a lot this week.

Always try to see the best in people.

How exactly do you know her?

I offered her father a glass of punch.

Are you saying you don't know?

All those things are so artfully made!

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Vince kissed Christopher during the movie.

I think she's over 40 years old.

I didn't ask you that either.

This is the storage room.

Let's stop wasting time.

I hate to do this.

I have run out of my traveling expenses.

That's not the plan.

This was in Graham's safe.

Stretch the dough with your hands.

What else did you tell Piercarlo?


Jin felt a lump in his throat.

Why are you sitting in the dark?

If the university doesn't have enough students, the administration will cancel the class.


You might be able to talk to Erwin later today.

You look radiant.

I can't stand to be interfered with in my work.

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It has stopped raining.

Was it a hard decision?

I will make up for the damage I did to your car.


We're going to die, aren't we?


Why do you have Terrence's keys?

Why is Rajiv trying to scare me?

Misfortunes rarely come singly.

Saule, give me the drum.

As for me, I prefer beer to whisky.

What's Nhan reading?

I heard him, but I didn't understand him.

Take care when you climb up the ladder.

Sigurd's eyes were glued to the screen.

I thought I'd make a little detour.

Because there was traffic, I was late to the meeting.


Red circles on the map mark schools.

There is every reason to doubt that it is true.

I am ironing my dress.

If there is no God, everything is permitted.

In many dialects of English, the letter Z is pronounced "zed", not "zee".

We must not speak in the library.

Am I in London?

They say that Roxana came to Brazil.

I wonder who he was.

I do not think their plan will work out.

Jianyun has some things to talk to you about.


I want to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

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I carefully considered my options before proceeding.

We're really scared.

Don't be afraid to show yourself through speech and take every opportunity to speak to others in English and soon you will feel right at home in informal conversational situations.

That smells bad!

You're timid.

They say that Curtis was a great singer when she was young.

We're Facebook friends.

I like being on my own.

I've already got a buyer lined up.

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I told her the bank was closed.

Small children can be very destructive.

Are you leaving?

She'll be fine. Just give her lots of love and care.

You can choose whatever you like.


He doesn't want to go to school anymore.


Jurevis brought his knife just in case he needed it.

Man is a product of his circumstances.

My mischievous neighbor.

Is your mother here?

If they lied about that, we've got a much bigger problem.

A guest has sharp eyes.

Feeling too cool 'cause you're the only one amongst your friends who speaks more than three languages? Fear not. On Tatoeba, we won't think you're cool.

I stopped drinking coffee.

I won't stay and be captured.

Muslims believe only in Allah as the unique God, and in Mohammad as the last prophet.

It sounds like you learned a valuable lesson.

He's going to show them the documents.

Where did you grill them?

I was at a loss when I lost my house key.

I received one.

How many times will you have to go to the dentist?

Tony thinks he knows who Dominick's favorite musician is.

I can't lift my right arm.

Why didn't somebody help her?

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Kelly obeyed.

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It's snowing this winter even more so than last.


Phil had a rough day at work.

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Wait outside.


Words cut more than swords.