I wanted to ask Leora if he'd ever consider changing jobs.

Can I borrow your shovel?

This world is a distant three hundred million light years away from the world where you live.

I'm pleased to meet you.


He loves talking about politics.


She had nothing to do with it.

I thought you were going to keep Stewart busy.

We were retreating.


The pain still hasn't gone away.

The price of this tie is too high.

Lucifer asked Hughes where she wanted him to put the bag of dog food.

She was formerly a bank clerk.

Could I have a second with you?

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I thought you didn't want to talk about this stuff.

Takayuki walked down the hall with Marian.

Alison refused treatment.

Chuck Norris was born in the house he built.

I'm going to throw them out.

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It will cost how much it costs.


Japan maintains friendly relations with the United States.

He said we just crossed the International Date Line.

Shinko is full of fight.

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They belong to an association.

There was silence as the judge pronounced sentence.

A helicopter circled over us.

Summer this year is cold.

It's been ten years since I left college.


Just take it slowly.

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You mean to say that you know the answer?


I've got to remember to return this money to him.

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I couldn't have been happier.

Not before tomorrow afternoon.

I tried to escape.

Our band played here last week.

It was getting dark, and, what made matters worse, it began to rain.

I told her we were friends.

I want to leave it up to you what to do.

Nathan almost became a paramedic.

He was persuaded to change his mind.

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If you want me to stay, just tell me.

Can you put it down on the table?

I have the feeling there's something you haven't told me yet.

His story turned out to be true.

I want you to be safe.

Power plants are the largest major source of emissions in the U.S., together accounting for roughly one-third of all domestic greenhouse gas pollution.

Dan is a friend from school.


I wanted to hurt them.

The Conservative Party won the election in 1992.

They were all guilty.

These flowers are so beautiful, aren't they?

I never should've hired them.

Pokemon is one of the best animes in the world.

I think everybody deserves credit.

This one's pretty cool.

Barney said what you told me wasn't true.

It was worth it.

Give me your sandwich.


Hui Skeleton, the ancient stage doorkeeper, sat in his battered armchair, listening as the actors came up the stone stairs from their dressing rooms.

It was pure accident that I came to know her.

You're not too late.


There are many videos on YouTube of people doing stupid things.


It's just two miles to the town.

I've been following you.

How am I going to impress him?


Geoffrey looked in the refrigerator.

I'm not dead yet.

I felt somebody pat me on the shoulder.


It's nothing.

"No..." Dima sighed. "I think I called the wrong country. Let me try the other 960s."

The Venus de Milo is the perfection of beauty.


Miriam seems oblivious.

They gathered the pieces of the broken dish.

I don't know what you can do.

Rebecca was open about his problems.

They held a party in honor of the famous scientist.

I like to get things done.

Josh is always on time.


This is a plant unique to this country.

I want you to help Pascal.

Are you saying I shouldn't trust Juha?

We have to cancel our trip to Japan.

I remember meeting that man at Cambridge before.


I want a divorce.

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Is there a special rate for this tour?

Mom will buy us a puppy.

I don't think it's going to happen today.

No one can help you, Axel.

Compared with America or China, Japan is a small country.

They ran after us.

This fantasy of wanting to live in poverty is a silly woman's dream.

An uncle of mine is a doctor.

Why didn't you just pay Kurt?

When the Tsar saw the linen he was struck with astonishment at its fineness and beauty.

Of course, I'll come back.

This is the largest coin factory in the United States.

I study once in a blue moon.

The serial killer was cold and distant during his trial, and appeared unaffected by the fact that he had murdered so many people.

How many flights to Osaka do you offer a day?

I assume that Murthy would like to go to Boston with us.

She's been sick since last Wednesday.

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You don't even know them.

I won't be able to teach you tomorrow.

When will we stop sitting by and watching?

The battle was short.

I need more information on this matter.

What is Ido?

Melting ice is not the only cause of rising sea level. As the ocean gets warmer, the water expands.

Michel drove Simon home in his sports car.

Isn't that what Per wanted?

I think Jackye is adventurous.

Why wasn't I invited?


She died in her bed.

I got off at the bus stop and went to the right.

This hat is cheap at 1000 yen.

We didn't need to pay anything.

I think you sleep well.


I could care less.


I think the jokes that Skip tells are funnier than the ones Naim tells.

Come try.

Eliot snuck out and had a few beers with the guys.

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Boston is the city I will be moving to.

He recoiled before his master's anger.

Woody just wanted to be helpful.

I've got something you need to see.

This guy looks like a fox.

Please send me a catalogue.

My lower abdomen feels bloated.

I've lost it.

I told her I couldn't do it.

I will help you if you are in trouble.

We all went to the party except Joe.

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Are there any newspapers published in your language?

I've been trying to speak with you, what happened?

Here's some deodorant.

Asian cuisine is often flavoured with MSG.

He's going to sit here.

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She used to drink beer.

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You were exceeding the speed limit, weren't you?

She whipped out her pistol.

Kent plays the drums as well as the organ.

Sit still.

Rajendra seems to know an awful lot about baseball.


She is open to people who have a different point of view.

He tore his calf muscle playing basketball.

Louise has been a little depressed recently.

If you're so inclined, sure, get the fuck out of here.

The bus leaves in five minutes.


I don't trust beautiful women.

In his time, he was an anonymous writer.

I killed them both.

Reading literary criticism is very helpful to understanding literature.

Why is Florian so popular?


At last, my turn came.

I think autumn is the most beautiful season of the year.

I'm waiting for you to help me.

They work as hard as ever.

I had a chance to see him.

Why does your mother always wear sunglasses?

I had a right to privacy too.

Someone will save you.

Please speak as clearly as you can.


Delbert noticed that Sandip seemed to be mad at John.

I am tying the cow to the pole.

The news of his death reached as a bolt from the blue.

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I'm gonna have to call you right back.